Shining Lights Teaching School Alliance is a forward-thinking, innovative alliance of primary schools. Based in Lancashire in the North West of England, the alliance is a growing group of schools from across the county.

We firmly believe in an open, collaborative profession where strong networks are built to improve outcomes and opportunities for every child.

Our core aims are:

  • To provide supportive and collaborative learning climates that enable new and early-career teachers to enter the profession with the skills, attributes and attitudes that will underpin their career-long development.
  • To create professional learning cultures and development opportunities that enable every member of our teams to shine.
  • To create environments of support and trust within and between schools so that excellent practice can be shared and developed.

In achieving these goals, we hope to secure the best possible teaching and provision in our schools so that outcomes are enhanced for every child. Excellence, we believe, is defined by a never-ending desire to be better. This attitude underpins our approach.

To achieve our aims, we work tirelessly to:

Shining Lights Teaching School Alliance was formerly known as Parbold Douglas CE Academy Teaching School Alliance.

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